Disaster Recovery Services

F.C.I. Disaster Recovery Incentive is your insurance policy for your company in the event of storm related outages. No need for scrambling; a set plan is already in place year round, 24/7 and ready to implement at a moments notice.

F.C.I. Team Lead will be your direct point of contact and will work directly with your company’s management or the lead on your company’s disaster recovery efforts to help coordinate and facilitate efficient and safe recovery of sites. 

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Key Benefits

  • Generator Storage (350 30kw units) 
  • Generator Deployment and Fueling (On Standby 5,000 gal Fuel Tank)
  • ​Cell On Wheels (COW) Storage (100+ COW's)
  • COW Deployment and Setup
  • Tower & Electrical Crew Tiger Teams
  • Mobile Satellite Internet and Phones