Leaders in Communication Development
and Construction Services

Doug Groves

Technical Operations Manager


With over 12 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Doug has worked with many different types of technologies in both switch and field applications. He started his career with Lucent Technologies as a lead installer for Central Office applications’, power plants, 5E Switch installs, router and fiber installs.

He then quickly moved into outside plant working on wireless applications where he installed and integrated Lucent Cabinet’s at cell sites for different wireless carriers. Doug then moved on to a field and switch technician role with Ericsson equipment where he integrated, optimized and maintained Ericsson network systems both in the switch and field from the GSM to the current 4G/LTE platforms.

With his experience in the field testing and integrating all things related to a cell site; from the transport from T1 to Fiber Ethernet for land line or microwave installations and his Anritsu training for sweep testing coaxial lines and antenna systems and JDSU fiber path testing for fiber line and antenna systems, and also Summitek PIM testing in the field, he is uniquely suited for any testing and integration needed in the field. With his knowledge and understanding of network design from the switch to cell site, he has a great ability to identify and resolve issues quickly with any alarm or performance issue with the cell site.


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